Aberdeen FC launches consultation on beachfront stadium plans

ABERDEEN FC has opened a consultation on its plans with the city’s council for the build of a new stadium.

Plans had initially been in place for the build to be at Kingsford, however the club said the council recognised an ‘urgent’ need towards the end of 2019 to retain footfall in the city centre after it was ‘devastated’ by the withdrawal of major brands. As a result, it approached the club to explore the potential of locating the new stadium at the beach.

The aim, the club added, is to place the stadium at the heart of the regeneration of the beachfront on land that the club said was previously unavailable to it. The club explained that, as part of the overall city centre masterplan, the regeneration of the beachfront will improve the connectivity between the city centre and the boulevard.

It added that a new stadium as a focal point would be the catalyst for the redevelopment of facilities to deliver a ‘world class’ community sports complex – revitalising the beach area.

The council’s public consultation on the city centre masterplan revealed that the top two priorities for the citizens of Aberdeen were improvements to Union Street and keeping the Club in the beach area.

Aberdeen FC said it has been working closely with Aberdeen City Council on the designs and outline business case for a new stadium and community sports complex, incorporating an ice rink and leisure centre.

Aberdeen FC said, “With stunning views out to sea, the new stadium could be a beacon of sporting excellence, sustainability and community, attracting fans, citizens and visitors alike. Through collaboration and economies of scale, a new stadium and sports complex are affordable and deliverable for both the council and the club.”

Views on the plans can be given by clicking here.