Scottish Government targets more transparency on land ownership

(Image credit: Achinthamb, Shutterstock)

THE Scottish Government is to launch a new public register in a bid to give more transparency on land ownership in the country.

It will provide ‘key’ information about those who make decisions on the management or use of land, even if they are not necessarily registered as the owner – including overseas entities and trusts.

Holyrood said that the information will enable individuals and communities to identify and engage with those who make decisions on the land that affects them.

Environment and land reform minister, Mairi McAllan, said, “The launch of this new register marks a significant milestone in making land ownership in Scotland more transparent. I want to ensure that there can no longer be categories of landowner or tenant where, intentionally or otherwise, control of decision-making is obscured, including in or via overseas trusts or entities.

“Scotland has a long history of land reform and this journey to make the ownership and use of our land and assets fairer marches on.

“The new register will make Scotland a frontrunner in Europe and deliver greater transparency than any other part of the UK. It enables the public to look behind land ownership and identify those who ultimately make decisions.

“We have committed to bring forward a new Land Reform Bill over the course of this parliament which will further tackle Scotland’s historically iniquitous patterns of land ownership and use.”