Orkney to trial underfloor robot in home insulation bid

A robot capable of spraying foam insulation under floors is to be trialled across selected homes in Orkney this month.

The trial will be managed by Warmworks, on behalf of Orkney Islands Council, in a bid to boost the insulation of privately-owned homes where traditional methods of underfloor insulation aren’t possible – with around 20 properties identified.

Ross Armstrong, Warmworks’ MD, said, “Q-Bot is a fantastic piece of technology that delivers an innovative insulation solution for homes at risk of losing heat from under their floors.

“Through our work across the country to help people to stay warm at home, we have already used Q-Bot to deliver underfloor insulation in nearly 400 households across Scotland, and we are delighted to now be bringing it to Orkney as part of our wider package of heating and insulation solutions.

“At a time when many of us are worried about our energy costs going up, the Q-Bot technology has the potential to deliver a number of significant benefits. The insulation solution it provides can help to reduce floor heat loss by up to 80%, improve homes’ energy efficiency ratings and offset increases in energy bills. We look forward to supporting the homes the Q-Bot technology will be working in as part of this trial, and I’d encourage people across Orkney to contact us to see how the range of heating and insulation measures we deliver can help them improve the energy efficiency of their home.”

Steven Aberdein, Orkney Council’s fuel poverty officer, added,“Underfloor insulation can make a huge difference to household energy efficiency but is often overlooked, and it can be tricky for some homes.

“This trial will help us understand better what’s involved and whether it’s a good fit for Orkney – depending what we learn it could potentially be something we bid for in future EES:ABS rounds.”