North Ayrshire Council launches pilot allowing residents to build own homes

Roof reconstruction

A ‘ground-breaking’ pilot project which will allow North Ayrshire residents to build their own houses on ready-made plots has been launched by the area’s council.

The BUILD initiative will see six ‘generously’ sized, fully serviced self-build plots made available by North Ayrshire Council for development on the site of the old Brisbane Primary in Largs.

Planning permission has already been granted for the plots, which range in size from 425 to 675 square metres and cost between £95,000 and £115,000. The local authority said tendering for the servicing contract is due to commence ‘imminently’.

It is planned that all plots are linked to utilities, allowing construction of the houses to take advantage of the ready-made infrastructure off Holehouse Road.

North Ayrshire Council said, “The biggest barrier to self-build housing centres on land availability and it is hoped that the BUILD initiative will help avoid some of the hurdles that can make building a home so difficult.”