Construction industry asked to trial new video game

A video game created to educate the construction industry on new weather-based insurance policies is to have its effectiveness measured.

Created by researchers at Glasgow Caledonian University, the game comes following new ‘smart policies’ on the insurance market which factor in risks such as heavy rain or high winds halting works.

The game – which is described as an ‘engaging’ experience – seeks to show how such policies can help stakeholders better manage risks related to weather, as well as settling claims faster and overcoming some of the limitations the university said are associated with more traditional insurance policies.

A team from the learning institute’s school of computing, engineering and build environment, led by Dr Soheeb Khan, developed the game alongside EHAB and DEAS Network Plus. EHAB is a platform that uses a ‘wide variety’ of ‘cutting-edge’ technology to manage weather risk in construction, whilst DEAS Network Plus focusses on businesses which are adopting innovative technologies to offer advanced services.

Dr Khan said, “The majority of video games produced are for entertainment. However, their application can be beneficial for various sectors and disciplines in conveying information, simulation and education. This study will enable investigators to see the impact of the game and help others see the potential use of innovative technologies to communicate complex servitisation offers.”

To download the game, click here.