Aberdeen firm moves into construction market with new Warwickshire base

AN Aberdeen-based fluid temperature control and separation solutions provider has announced its strategic expansion into the construction market.

OSSO marked the move following the opening of its new operating facility in Warwickshire with the launch of new specialist products for the construction sector.

Over the last year, the firm has built a dedicated construction team with ‘industry-specific expertise’, which it said has allowed it to offer customers advice on the right products and approach for their projects – as well as full aftermarket service and maintenance care.

The firm draws on over two decades of fluid purification experience to bring its new construction offering to the market. It said that its advanced water treatment solutions will ensure its customers’ operations are in line with current government environmental regulations and run safely.

It said that its new line of ‘innovative, single-lift modular’ solutions can be combined to tackle the highest expected flow rates and water treatment challenges, with the products designed to be deployed on construction sites to tackle the ‘common’ industry issue of waste water in an ‘efficient, cost-effective and environmentally sustainable’ way.

The current range includes a fully integrated self-regulating and remotely monitored chemical dosing system, a concrete wash down system and a lamella clarifier. OSSO said that operational and environmental safety are at the ‘forefront’ of the equipment’s design and products come with advanced safety features as standard – including built in hand rails, grated flooring for safe access at height and multi-lift points for greater access.

Warwickshire will be the central base for the firm’s construction operations, with it explaining that the ‘excellent’ transport links will allow it to ‘efficiently’ bring its solutions to market across the country.

The facility will employ up to 20 people, with OSSO revealing business plans to develop and grow a local employee base at the site. The facility will be headed up by Tristan Hughes, business development manager at OSSO, who brings a ‘wealth’ of construction expertise, with over a decade in the sector.

James Scullion, CEO of OSSO, said, “We see significant potential for OSSO within the construction space. We have committed to an ambitious growth plan, opening our new facility, launching our three leading product lines and employing talent for our construction business unit with skill, knowledge and expertise which are second to none. This is just the first phase for us in this sector and I cannot wait to see it flourish further as we continue to invest heavily in both our team and technology.”

Tristan Hughes added, “We’ve tried and tested our construction products over a long period of time, to ensure we can make a real difference for our customers and the environment. I’m proud to lead a team with such expertise, providing a complete range of solutions to the challenges of water treatment in construction. Safe and responsible operations underpin everything we do at OSSO, for both people and the environment and we’re bringing solutions to the market which offer a complete package in this respect.”