38-year-old car among nine ‘old bangers’ lifted from Paisley reservoir

Image credit: Scottish Water

NINE ‘old bangers’ have been removed from a Paisley reservoir in a ‘delicate’ operation by Scottish Water.

A 38-year-old Vauxhall Carlton, a 35-year-old Vauxhall Astra and a 34-year-old Nissan Prairie were among the car haul, which were lifted out of the Lower Glen Dam Reservoir in Gleniffer Braes Country Park. It is believed they were dumped in the 90s.

The project was prompted following residents raising concerns over the motors, which were uncovered during dry weather last year. Scottish Water said that the reservoir has never been used for the supply of drinking water.

It added that its team carried out the removal with ‘military-style precision’ in an ‘operational first’ for the organisation. The team was led by contractor, George Leslie, alongside specialist divers and environmental protection experts – with ‘meticulous’ planning undertaken to ensure their safety.

The water level of the reservoir was gradually lowered daily in the run-up to the project, with it being brought to a ‘workable’ level that would help mitigate for any possible environment impact. A fish rescue was also carried out by Ayrshire Rivers Trust and booms were positioned to help soak up any potential contaminants.

Image credit: Scottish Water

Gerry O’Hara, Scottish Water project manager, said, “Protecting the environment, the safety of the 20-strong team on site and the park-users was paramount for us. This tricky operation was months in the planning to ensure every little detail had been thought of and that we got it right.

“As a result of everyone’s hard work and the meticulous planning and safeguarding that went into this operation, we’re absolutely delighted that the nine vehicles have been successfully recovered.

“Our attention now turns to getting things in the park back to normal for everyone. We’re refilling the reservoir to its original level, in a controlled manner, and we’re continuing to test water quality to ensure there are no issues.

“Mother Nature will take its course and the people of Paisley can once again enjoy this space in a safe manner.”