New report aims to help housebuilders prepare for the future

A new white paper has identified sustainable construction, the ability to adapt, the creation of an accessible property ladder, consideration of mental health in planning, and improving the performance of homes, as crucial elements in the future of housebuilding.

The Homebuilders Insight Report sees five experts sharing their insights on the challenges and opportunities the future of housebuilding presents. Curated by Victoria Brocklesby, COO and co-founder at Origin, the resource includes thought-leadership from Cat Smith (director & co-founder at Pixel); Matthew Richards (partner at Ridge and Partners LLP); Karen Curtin (MD at Graven Hill Village Development Company); and Melissa Balk (associate at Fisher German).

Victoria Brocklesby said, “The housebuilding industry is at a pivotal point and those who do not adapt will be left behind. The way people live is changing and homeowners’ priorities are evolving – and fast.

“The industry must recognise this. With this in mind, we have collated the opinions of some of the industry’s most high-profile and well-regarded thought leaders, to share their views on what they predict for the future of housebuilding and how industry professionals should adapt.”

Cat Smith explores how the evolution of the homebuyer has been accelerated by the pandemic and offers advice on how the industry can prevent being left behind. Melissa Balk, meanwhile, discusses how mental health and wellbeing should be considered alongside climate change and biodiversity when it comes to the planning of homes fit for the modern buyer.

Matthew Richards considers the retrofit challenge for housebuilders in creating homes that consider the energy and carbon required to run them. Similarly, Victoria Brocklesby argues that taking a ‘holistic’ view of sustainability should be top of the agenda. Finally, Karen Curtin considers the property ladder and the options available to buyers looking for personalised homes.