Film shows construction and police escort of first UK-built rocket launchpad in 50 years

A new film has been released showing the construction and 80-mile road trip of the first rocket launchpad built in the UK for over half a century.

The Obrex LP1, by Forres-headquartered Orbex, recently completed the journey from Peterhead to Kinloss on two trucks accompanied by a police escort ahead of test launches in the town.

Weighing in excess of 40 tonnes, the Orbex launch platform was fabricated by Motive Offshore Group and will support the testing of the firm’s Prime rocket, a microlauncher that has been designed to transport small satellites weighing around 150kg to low earth orbit.

The launches from the Kinloss site will act as ‘dress rehearsals’ ahead of launch procedures from Space Hub Sutherlands, Obrex’s home spaceport. A ‘wide variety’ of integration tests will be taken place during the test campaign – including trialling the main propellant tanks and multi-engine hot fire testing under vertical firing conditions.