CITB seeks industry leaders for board trustee role

Kevin McLoughlin

THE Construction Industry Training board (CITB) is seeking industry leaders to join its board.

Those taking on the voluntary positions will help shape the future of construction as the industry tackles skills shortages and helps in the drive to net zero.

As a CITB trustee, there will be the opportunity to contribute to the work of the organisation and help ensure it pursues its objectives for the benefit of the industry. The post is a four-year commitment, with the possibility of reappointment for an additional four-year term.

CITB CEO Tim Balcon said, “Having people sit around us on the board who are working in industry at senior level is of a huge benefit. They really have their fingers on the pulse and keep us grounded in providing a service the construction industry really needs. I look forward to welcoming the new tranche of board trustees.”

Kevin McLoughlin, MD of construction SME McLoughlin Group Holdings, joined as a trustee in 2018. He is passionate about construction opportunities after leaving school at the age 15. “The reason I joined the CITB board was so I could give a voice for the SMEs within industry and give  a focus on the skills needed in the industry whilst bringing my experience of a medium sized enterprise to the board,” he explained. “It has been rewarding and stretching for me personally to be able to experience how the board works and contribute to the decisions of the board and CITB’s direction, and it has been rewarding to see CITB move to being more orientated towards skills than ever before.”

Diana Garnham joined as a trustee over seven years ago. She added, “My interest in skills is multi-levelled. I want to help individuals achieve their potential through access to skills and training to open up career and work opportunities. I see in the construction sector an environment that is keen to welcome talent from all abilities and help individuals particularly in finding their way on the first rungs of their careers.”

Diana Garnham

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