Springfield submits plans for new Midlothian neighbourhood

SPRINGFIELD Properties has announced it has submitted proposals to create a new sustainable neighbourhood in Midlothian, which could see up to 1,000 homes delivered.

Following consultation with Midlothian Council, local stakeholders and the public, Springfield said it has refined its proposals to demonstrate how Lingerwood will complement the ‘unique’ identities of neighbouring Newtongrange and Mayfield.

The proposals showcase how the site will follow the 20-minute neighbourhood model, while the designs focus on plenty of open, green spaces, woodland planting, meadows, and grasslands.

The submitted plans include a standalone ‘an clachan’ at its heart, which Springfield explained draws inspiration from the area’s mining history to create a ‘thriving’ village centre. The proposals also include the provision of play spaces, allotments, landscaped gardens, and seating areas.

If approved, Springfield said the Lingerwood homes will use low and zero carbon technologies, along with energy efficiency and sustainable building techniques to minimise environmental impact. The homes will include a variety of house types and will be mixed tenure.

Martin Egan, chief operating officer for Springfield, said, “We are pleased to mark 2022 with the submission of our proposals, following a great deal of consultation and engagement with local stakeholders. We believe our masterplan is a best-in-class example of the creation of a new sustainable neighbourhood which brings its own identity whilst respecting and connecting well with existing popular and distinct settlements.

“Our vision is aligned with the Midlothian Local Development Plan and has been shaped well with local input. Our plan details the careful efforts made to create a sustainable village that will suit the needs of local people for generations to come and we are looking forward to the determination of our proposals.”

Should the plans be approved, Springfield will start on-site as early as 2023.