Second consultation event confirmed for Eco-Therapy Wellness Park plans

AN online consultation event will give the public the chance to provide feedback on proposals for a new Eco-Therapy Wellness Park near Auchinleck in East Ayrshire.

A joint venture company between National Pride UK Community Interest Company and IntroCrowd, The Barony Eco-Therapy Wellness Park will occupy 108.8 acres if approved. It will offer active health and mental relaxation facilities comprising spa, exercise, craft activities and amenities including a mining heritage museum, as well as overnight accommodation in a parkland environment.

The project also will include a path for the public to enjoy walks along the Lugar Water and include refreshment areas showcasing healthy dining experiences.

A web-based consultation event will take place on Thursday 19th August between 2pm and 7pm. This follows an initial consultation event back in June and will provide details of updated proposals for the scheme.

Irene Bisset, chair of National Pride, said, “We are looking forward to welcoming the public to this, our second consultation event, allowing us to provide an update on our exciting development proposals for The Barony Eco-Therapy and Wellness Park. At The Barony we are committed to create a destination that will provide significant community benefits to the area. Visitors can expect a safe, restful and enlivening environment in which to relax, rejuvenate and be healthy in mind and body, developing their mental and physical strength and personal resilience.

“The support we have received to date for our proposals has been amazing and we look forward to have the local community not only view, but also continue to shape our scheme, both at this forthcoming digital consultation event and as our development progresses.”