Retrofitted windows for ‘world first’ office refurb

ISO Chemie retrofitted windows

NEW foam sealant tapes and a thermal insulating and load bearing bracket support system from ISO Chemie have been specified for a ‘world-first’ sustainable office retrofit at the University of Cambridge.

The move sees WINFRAMER units and ISO BLOCO tape being installed at the university’s Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL) Entopia Building to bring the property in line with zero carbon Passivhaus and BREEAM energy efficiency standards.

ISO Chemie said this is believed to be the first time that retrofitted windows are being installed as part of an office refurbishment to ensure compliance with some of the lowest emission standards in the world.

The 1930s built Entopia Building is being transformed into an ultra-low carbon sustainability hub.

ISO Chemie is partnering with Internorm Windows on a project that will see its WINFRAMER prefabricated installation frames, which can accommodate cavities up to 250mm, fitted internally around 50 windows, enabling them to be supported independently from the face of the wall.