Over 100 tonnes of soil to be removed from Moray cemetery following ‘distressing’ floods

OVER 100 tonnes of soil and brick is to be removed from a Moray cemetery as part of £56,000 worth of drainage works.

It follows a winter of ‘disruptive and distressing’ flooding at the resting place in Forres, after high intensity rainfall and the deterioration of the existing soakaway drainage system.

Moray Council said that the new system will look like a ‘small dip’ planted with meadow grasses and native shrubs, with the dip – or rain garden – being designed to capture any rain water runoff to allow it to drain into the soil below.

Moray Council open spaces manager, James Hunter, said, “Implementing a new drainage solution at Clovenside is challenging due to the gradient of the cemetery and potential impact on existing graves. The drainage solution we have agreed on is the most appropriate for the expanse of area and the least disruptive option.

“Contractors are expected to be on site by mid-September with work estimated to take 3-4 weeks. The bit that will take the longest will be the excavation and removal of over 100 tonnes of soil and broken bricks that make up the current soakaway.”