Model solution: Layher tool brings project benefits

Layher FlexBeam

LAYHER has revealed that new build and refurbishment construction projects are enjoying benefits from one of the company’s latest design developments.

The firm’s Scaffold Information Modelling (SIM) tool comprises a range of planning features intended to make the creation of the optimal scaffold structure safer and more efficient, but which also interface directly with Building Information Management (BIM) methodology.

“SIM helps with planning operations which, in turn, can maximise installation efficiency, reduce risk and enhance cost savings,” explained Sean Pike, Layher’s UK MD. “The system builds on the Layher LayPLAN and LayCAD software and enables users to create 3D visualisations either on screen or via a VR headset which take them into the digital world.

“Once there, scaffolds can be rotated, ‘flown-through’ and readily adapted before key information outputs such as material needs, weights and logistical details are produced.”

Layher SIM is also described as offering ‘enhanced’ presentation opportunities, construction sequence simulation, communication with mobile devices via mixed reality and storage in the cloud. The visualisation modelling allows virtual tours to be experienced and any clash detection issues to be resolved at an early stage.

“Realistic rendering can also be added while ease of operation is enhanced by extensive component libraries, a search and filter function and the capability to hold pre-fabricated assemblies and template drawings on file to aid rapid design,” Sean Pike added.

The SIM software helps to optimise the use of a range of components and systems from the company.  “Our bridging systems, which can achieve spans of up to 30 metres with either in-situ or ground level construction and interface with a number of optional fittings such as our Protect panels, are excellent examples. As is our latest FlexBeam system which brings key benefits to a range of construction projects.”

A full and detailed visualisation can be utilised before equipment is even despatched to site, which Sean Pike revealed can bring important scheduling and operational advantages.

“While SIM brings greater opportunities to building and maintenance operations across all our markets, it also reflects our belief in working closely with our customers in all sectors to optimise safety, efficiency and performance,” he explained.

The product is suitable for use with all scaffold types – from façades and circular installations to birdcage and freestanding structures, together with temporary roof facilities.