Housebuilder’s donation gives new lease of life to rotary club planter

A Linlithgow rotary club is celebrating its community planter receiving a new lease of life following a donation of materials, plants and  hanging baskets from CALA Homes (East).

Roots of a nearby tree had damaged the rear of the planter at the Rotary Club of Linlithgow Grange, which needed to be removed before the space could be replanted with new shrubs and plants.

The landscape, which is located adjacent to CALA’s Queenswood development, has now been transformed with colourful new plants and feature planter, thanks to help and materials from the developer’s landscaping team.

Joan Hale, president of the Rotary Club, said, “We were overjoyed with CALA’s generous offer to remove the tree that had been causing damage to the planter and to add in new plants – it looks fantastic. While CALA did most of the heavy lifting, it was great to get a local company involved to do the planting.

“We asked if they could put in a new, larger plant to be a focal point that wouldn’t cause any damage, and for CALA to use perennial plants instead of annual plants – and the results are great.”

CALA’s team replaced the timber retention of the planter and arranged for Land Technology LTD to plant cascading flowers and Begonias around its base.

Derek Lawson, strategic land director at CALA Homes (East), said, “The Rotary Club of Linlithgow Grange does such an amazing job of supporting the local community and we are so happy to be able to give back.”