Consultation on Scotland’s flood risk management launches

Flooding in Elgin (2019)
Image: JASPERIMAGE, Shutterstock

A consultation has been launched to help shape the direction and delivery of flood risk management across Scotland.

It comes following a week of flood alerts across the country, with SEPA and each local authority in Scotland seeking comments from the public to help shape immediate flood risk management.

Currently, 284,000 homes, businesses and services are deemed to be at risk of flooding in Scotland – with climate change projected to increase this number by an estimated 110,000 by the 2080s.

The State of the UK Climate 2020 Report published by the Met Office this week showed that 2020 was the UK’s fifth wettest year since records began, and six of the 10 wettest years have been since 1998.

SEPA CEO Terry A’Hearn said, “We have seen the impacts of severe weather in Scotland over the last few days – flooding is a real threat to people and property.

“Climate change is one of the biggest contributors to future increased flooding in Scotland and reducing its impact requires knowledge and action. As we are currently in a climate emergency, these plans substantially pick up preparation for the increased flooding Scotland can expect with climate change.

“SEPA has a pivotal role in helping Scotland prepare more powerfully for future increased flooding and this consultation is an important opportunity for people across Scotland to have their say on how flood risk is managed in the future.

“We are urging everyone affected by flooding, whether it be their home, their local community or regular travel routes, to take part in this important consultation, which will help to shape how we cope with, and manage, flooding in Scotland in the future. This helps us establish where our coordinated and focused effort is most urgently needed.”

The consultation will run until October 30 and can be completed by clicking here.