Amey and Mace look to drive gender equality with new resource

AMEY and Mace have teamed up to launch a new digital health platform, Peppy, designed to drive gender equality and diversity and support women going through menopause and other major health journeys.

Peppy’s menopause service connects users to specialist menopause experts, via one-to-one chat, group chat or video consultation, or through a library of free events, videos and articles. Users can discuss symptoms, treatment options and mental wellbeing.

Amey highlighted that women of menopausal age are the fastest-growing demographic of the UK workforce, yet 1 in 10 will consider leaving employment due to menopause symptoms. The aim is to provide support to empower female colleagues so they can achieve their ambitions, whilst at the same time create a ‘diverse, gender balanced culture’ that can benefit all employees.

Amey chief executive Amanda Fisher said, “I want all women going through menopause to be able to reach their potential, and for menopause not to be a barrier for their ambitions. As a woman who is experiencing menopause myself, I want to do everything I can to prevent Amey, and the industry, losing women at this later stage in their career when they have so much to offer. This is about opening the conversation and encouraging other employers to take similar steps to become menopause friendly organisations. No one should be held back something they can’t control.”

Mandy Willis, Mace Group board director of corporate strategy, added, “Partnering with Peppy and launching the app for our Mace colleagues, will help women across our organisation feel supported during menopause, empowering them throughout their careers; but particularly at that juncture when their experience is so valuable and their careers are all too often curtailed. With the help of Peppy, we aim to address the structural gender inequalities within the construction industry, and champion social mobility. We want to retain the fantastic talent that we have and at the same time, support the ambitions of our women such that there are no boundaries to their ambition. It is a great step in leading change across our sector and setting an example for other employers in different industries.”

Dr Mridula Pore, Peppy co-founder and co-CEO, commented, “By giving their colleagues access to Peppy, Amey and Mace are not only creating a culture of belonging in their organisations, but are also setting an example for other organisations in the industry to follow. Peppy will help their employees – and their partners – make sense of challenging health journeys and bring their best selves to work every day. We’re proud to work with two organisations who are taking action to make their businesses more female-friendly.”