Housing association helps tenants tackle fuel poverty

KINGDOM Housing Association has provided over £50,000 to help tenants tackle fuel poverty since the start of April this year.

The organisation’s tenancy sustainment team has been delivering direct financial support to tenants with fuel debts, with the funds accessed through the Social Housing Fuel Support Fund provided by the Scottish Government and delivered through the SFHA and HACT.

Within seven weeks, 262 households from across Kingdom and Fairfield Housing Associations have received emergency top ups and cash vouchers. They have also been able to access advice through Kingdom Housing Association’s energy advice service.

As the fund closed, Kingdom’s energy adviser Derek Smith said, “With household income getting squeezed and the cost of energy increasing as a result of the pandemic, many individuals are now living in fuel poverty. This scheme has been a welcome opportunity to support people in an unprecedented time of need.

“What has made the Social Housing Fuel Support Fund unique has been that it supported both prepayment tenants and those who paid by Direct Debit/Standing Order or periodic billing. By being accessible to anyone who is struggling, it has allowed us to reach 565 people, which has been superb.”