School donation extends housebuilder’s charitable and good cause giving to over £30,000

HOUSEBUILDER Mactaggart & Mickel has announced it has awarded Eastwood High School in Newton Mearns £1,000, taking the total donated to charities and good causes in the last year to over £30,000.

The school is using the donation from Mactaggart & Mickel’s Building Communities Fund to replenish its bank of school uniforms and educational equipment accessible to all who need it, as well as to help fund student-run STEM and eco-community projects.

Joanne Casey, director at Mactaggart & Mickel, said, “We have a proud history of supporting people in the communities where we have built new homes, which reflects Mactaggart & Mickel’s family ethos. We have always cared deeply about the people in the communities where we want to make a positive difference, especially where people have been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic.

“We are committed to helping organisations and projects that benefit people’s lives through our Building Communities Fund and we know their hard work is more valuable than ever due to the pandemic.”