Stirling could be lit up at night to highlight city’s design


STIRLING could be lit up at night as part of plans to highlight its ‘architectural beauty’ and compact design.

The proposed featured lighting layout would highlight routes and focal points, and serve as a guide for visitors and residents to discover the city at night – with Stirling Council hoping for it to showcase the walkability of the city.

The first phase would focus on one of the most notable buildings in Stirling, The Tolbooth, which plays a key role in the skyline of the city and is ‘deeply engrained’ within the building fabric of Stirling.

Convener of the community planning and regeneration committee at Stirling Council, councillor Chris Kane, explained, “This is the first phase of an ambitious and exciting plan to transform the city centre at night time in a way which enhances Stirling’s skyline for residents and visitors.

“Animating the Tolbooth would highlight Jail Wynd and Broad Street and allow the building to become the backdrop for cultural events which would further reinforce the significance of the Tolbooth.”

Vice convener of Stirling Council, councillor Scott Farmer, added, “This project will really showcase the City centre in a different light, but also provide increased security for those who wish to enjoy Stirling’s features as a compact and walkable city.”