New programme could bring 8,000 homes to Dunfermline

City Chambers in Dunfermline

UP to 8,000 new homes could be provided in Dunfermline following the approval of a new programme by Fife Council.

Councillors from the local authority approved the business case to support the town’s strategic transportation intervention measures programme, which it said could bring up to 2,000 affordable and 6,000 private homes to Dunfermline.

The Dunfermline strategic development area is one of the largest areas of strategic growth in Scotland. The council explained that it has the potential to provide approximately 8,000 homes, 80 hectares of employment land, new primary schools and developer contributions to secondary education facilities in the Dunfermline area.

David Alexander, Fife Council co-leader, said, “The business case for the Dunfermline strategic transportation intervention measures programme – part of the Edinburgh and south east Scotland (ESES) region city deal – will now be submitted to the city region deal joint committee and thereafter the Scottish Government to support grant applications to part-fund the programme.

“Fife Council will deliver a major investment programme in strategic transportation infrastructure in Dunfermline to support the delivery of homes, employment land and community infrastructure such as schools, shops and urban parks. This infrastructure will create climate friendly and climate ready development linking transport infrastructure. Such investment will accelerate inclusive growth, create new economic opportunities, and new jobs that will help to reduce inequalities in the Dunfermline area and beyond.”