Historic building combines old and the new with gigabit broadband

A refurbished property in Edinburgh is set to mix the old and the new as an early 20th century building is set to boast some of the UK’s fastest available broadband.

Formerly home to Boroughmuir High School, CALA Homes (East) is collaborating with Virgin Media at Boroughmuir to provide gigabit speeds into each of its 87 apartments.

The broadband speeds at the development are said to be 14 times faster than the average Edinburgh household.

Philip Hogg, sales and marketing director with CALA Homes (East), said, “It’s crucial that at Boroughmuir we give buyers the best of all worlds. That means we can include the charm, character and impressive height of the old building, but equally important is the high specifications to meet the demands of modern living.

“We’re delighted to have been able to work with Virgin Media to implement fibre into each home, with teams working carefully in and around this special building to ensure it is fitted seamlessly. With many of our buyers working from home, this kind of connectivity has been an incredible bonus. Many of our buyers of our two- and three-bedroom homes have been using their flexible additional bedrooms as the ideal separate work from home office.”

The ex-school building was constructed between 1911 and 1914 by John Alexander Carfrae. It was one of the first in Edinburgh to utilise steel frame architecture.

CALA said the restoration of the Grade B-listed building is executed with ‘care and attention to maintain the former school’s original character’.