Call for better ‘flow’ of industry projects

Gary Thorn

GARY Thorn, MD of Cumbernauld-based Cube Glass, has told Project Scotland the industry is struggling due to a lack of suitably qualified tradespeople to keep up with the demand for new projects.

“Interesting times at present for everyone,” he said. “Our industry is really struggling due to the sheer number of live projects. This is widely recognised at every level, by developers, architects, main contractors and site labour.

“In simple terms, there aren’t enough suitably qualified tradespeople to undertake the current level of work in the marketplace. In an ideal world I wish someone, somehow, could just control the flow of work a little better so we could all have a consistent level of work over the medium to long term and not just the short term. 

”We have taken on two new trainees, but they’ll take time to learn their trade. I just hope that when they qualify, there is enough work to keep them.”