Plans approved for up to 1,000 homes at site of former hospital

The nurses’ home at Bangour Village Hospital
(Lennystan, Shutterstock)

PLANS have been approved for the build of up to 998 homes at the site of the former Bangour Village Hospital in West Lothian.

The plans were submitted on behalf of Ambassador Group. The blueprint will see the demolition of four C-listed buildings and the partial demolition of a B-listed nurses’ home at the site to make way for the new development.

A new primary school and potential space for restaurants and community spaces will also come as part of the project, as well as revised access from the A89 and the repair and retention of 11 listed buildings – including the A-listed church and recreation hall.

West Lothian Council approved the development following consultation between the developer and Historic Environment Scotland (HES) on the demolition of the listed buildings. The local authority’s report states it is ‘imperative’ that restoration of the 11 listed buildings are delivered within the early stages of the development.

Further to this is the need for an agreement of a design guide which would require that boundary planting is retained or replaced to ensure that any phases of development close to the site boundary do not become overly visible when viewed from open countryside around the site.

Gordon Coster, managing director of Ambassador Group’s developments division, said, “We are very pleased by the decision made by the planning committee, it has been many years in the making to reach this point. We are incredibly excited to progress to detailed plans to bring this landmark development to fruition and give new life to such a prominent piece of West Lothian’s history.”