CCG launches new multi-utilities business

Josh Martin

CCG has confirmed the launch of a new multi-utilities company.

Arc-Tech MU will provide turnkey multi-utilities services in the form of gas, water and electrical installation.

Initially, the new company will support CCG’s construction division in the delivery of housing, care home and educational projects, with an aspiration to enter into the wider Scottish construction market within two years.

Josh Martin is MD of Arc-Tech MU and he has been joined by Ben Bowring (operations manager) and Lauren Kilbride (junior designer).

Josh said, “This is an incredibly exciting opportunity and I am thankful to the CCG board of directors for their support and confidence. As one of the foremost construction companies in Scotland and after having worked with CCG in the past, I am fully aware of the standards expected of Arc-Tech MU in delivering quality and best-value for our clients. My team and I have settled in well and I look forward to working with them in what will be a very busy first year for our business.”

CCG MD David Wylie added, “On behalf of the CCG board of directors, I am delighted to have welcomed Josh and his new team to the group. Construction has not been immune to the current economic and health crisis but CCG is resilient. We have a very healthy pipeline of work over the next two years with an exciting mix of projects across the country and our investment into Arc-Tech MU will only benefit our business and our clients.”