Balfour Beatty reports ‘good progress’ in Gender Pay Report

BALFOUR Beatty has published its 2020 Gender Pay Report, which reveals ‘good progress’ has been made to improve both the gender pay gap and the gender bonus gap.

The report analyses the difference between the average pay of male and female employees across all roles, and the percentage of male and female employees across Balfour Beatty’s business in the UK.

In 2020, the mean and median gender pay gap reduced to 15% and 18% respectively from 21% and 26%. The mean and median gender bonus gap has closed to 14% and -1% from 28% and 28%.

Balfour Beatty revealed the business has appointed its second female executive committee member and seen a ‘considerable rise’ in the number of female graduate and apprentice recruits, with the figure now standing at 27% from 22% in 2019.

The company added that it has implemented a number of initiatives designed to support and develop women in the business such as the introduction of a reverse mentoring programme for all UK executive committee members; helping senior management to understand the perspectives and experiences of those in under-represented groups.

Balfour Beatty has also invested in programmes such as its ‘Empower’ and ‘Future Leaders’ training modules.