New Linlithgow homes to feature ‘smart’ hot water tanks

HOUSEBUILDER CALA has revealed that an app-enabled smart water tank which selectively heats what users need will feature across all homes at an ‘ultra-efficient’ new housing development in Linlithgow.

CALA Homes (East) is installing a Mixergy hot water tank into all 40 five-bedroom detached homes at its Queenswood development. The tanks will feature alongside PV solar panels as well as electric vehicle charging provision.

With the hot water tank linking to the solar panels on each home via Mixergy’s onboard PV diverter, CALA said buyers will benefit from reduced gas use which could lower their energy bills. Buyers can also control their water usage from an app on their phones.

The Mixergy tank is designed to only heat what a household needs rather than heating an entire tank. A key feature is an automatic heating control function which uses machine learning to predict at what times of the day a household needs hot water, automatically adjusting to a schedule as required.

Tom Mitchell, technical director with CALA Homes (East), said, “We came across Mixergy when we were researching new ways of making our homes even more energy efficient. Mixergy really caught our eye, and we invited the team up to visit us in Autumn 2019. Since then we’ve been working closely with Mixergy, our site managers, and everyone throughout CALA East to get the tanks installed at Queenswood. We love the technology behind Mixergy and the idea that buyers can control the system from their phones so they only heat what they need each day.

“Thanks to Mixergy’s connections to our solar panels we’ve been able to build each home to an A grade energy performance rating at Queenswood.”

David White, business development director at Mixergy, commented, “To be in a position whereby CALA, a premium housebuilder, has made the decision to work with us on Queenswood is both flattering and extremely encouraging – we feel privileged to be in this position. CALA is providing house buyers with EV provision and solar panels on the Queenswood development which is fantastic, and adding Mixergy to this is a neat way of tying all of these elements together.

“What’s been so nice about working with CALA is that they have had the foresight to look beyond the minimum building regulations, which is what drew us to them and Queenswood in the first place. They are the first premium housebuilder to work with us and install Mixergy tanks into their homes which is fantastic. Our partnership means that buyers are getting a home that’s not only beautifully made, but also environmentally considered.”