Wärtsilä contracted to install energy system in Lerwick


HELSINKI-headquartered Wärtsilä has been contracted to provide grid balancing services and reserve power to the Shetland Islands.

The firm’s advanced energy storage system will be supplied to Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN) Distribution.

Wärtsilä will support the installation at Lerwick Power Station, the main generator for the local grid. The firm said its energy storage solution will provide spinning reserve capacity while also facilitating further integration of wind power into the system.

It added that the energy system will follow the grid and save on spinning reserve, allowing for a saving on fuel and reduction in CO2 emissions. The solution will also facilitate the integration of wind turbine-generated electricity into the grid – with the firm saying this will provide further stability to the entire energy system.

The project is being delivered by Wärtsilä under a full engineering, procurement and construction contract. The contract comes alongside a ten-year service agreement and guarantee of 24/7 support and management from the firm.

Darren Hitchen, embedded generation manager at Lerwick Power Station, said, “As the electricity distribution network operator responsible for ensuring homes and businesses in Shetland receive a safe, secure and reliable supply of electricity, we’re investing in Lerwick Power Station to support full duty operations of the station until Shetland is connected to the GB electricity system. A reliable supply of electricity is essential to the local community and the North Sea oil companies operating out of Shetland, which is 200 kilometres from the northern tip of Scotland.

“The Wärtsilä energy storage system will enhance the islands’ security of supply, while at the same time lowering our carbon footprint.”

Bent Iversen, senior business development manager at Wärtsilä, added, “Wärtsilä and SSEN maintain a long-lasting business relationship over the past two decades. We are very pleased to continue this cooperation by deploying our advanced energy storage system at Lerwick Power Station, which makes us part of Shetland Islands’ energy system. The GridSolv Max energy storage solution will support the power station’s spinning reserve functionality and can provide black start back-up.”