Highland Council ‘urgently’ seeking clarity on EU funding replacement

Councillor Alasdair Christie

THE Highland Council has said it ‘urgently’ needs clarity on how the UK shared prosperity fund will operate.

With Britain having now exited the EU, the UK Government has indicated that the fund will replace European structural funds – which the local authority said has had a ‘transformational’ effect across the Highlands.

Councillor Alasdair Christie, deputy leader of The Highland Council, said, “We urgently need clarity on how the UK Shared Prosperity Fund is going to operate, who is operating it and when the money will start to flow. If ever there was a time when these funds were needed, it is now.

“European structural funds made a huge contribution to improving the wellbeing of our communities right across the Highlands and these replacement funds need to do the same.

“These European funds have had a transformational effect across our area and have made significant contributions to improving our infrastructure as well as broader community benefits, through reducing poverty, helping people into jobs and promoting social inclusion. We would expect no less in terms of focus, scope and ambition from the UK Shared Prosperity Fund.