DM Hall welcomes back four experienced professionals

Jonny Mitchell

DM Hall’s Edinburgh operations have been boosted by the recruitment of four professionals who have all previously worked for the chartered surveying business.

Jonny Mitchell, a commercial valuation specialist, Ian Davidson, who focuses on commercial valuation, Charlie Barrett, a residential valuation expert, and Philip Bell, a building surveyor, have all re-joined DM Hall.

Alan Gordon, DM Hall’s senior partner, said, “These re-hires of proven, seasoned professionals are a substantial investment in the future and a marker of our confidence in the opportunities available to DM Hall for expansion in Edinburgh. Beyond the immediate short-term, we believe that this potential already exists in the city and will become ever more apparent as the Covid-19 vaccine is rolled out and commercial life begins to return to normal.

Philip Bell

“The recruitment by DM Hall of four highly accomplished chartered surveyors, all of whom have recently experienced working life in the offices of other highly-regarded businesses and have been attracted back to the dynamic working environment offered by DM Hall, is a major boost for our clients.

Charlie Barrett

“Philip, Charlie, Ian and Jonny are most welcome returners and I know that each of them is raring to go once again, motivated to match the ambitions of the firm in our friendlysupportive and highly professional environment.”

Ian Davidson