Councillors asked to back proposals to move school to new-build campus

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RENFREWSHIRE councillors are to be asked to approve proposals to move Paisley Grammar School to a new-build community campus.

It follows Renfrewshire Council’s six-week consultation in which the school community and general public were asked their views on the plan for a new school at the former Chivas site.

The local authority said that the current Paisley Grammar building has been assessed as in need of improvement and the current site on Glasgow Road does not allow room to expand.

It added that a new community campus would let pupils and staff move to modern accommodation with outdoor areas, state-of-the-art technology, and high-quality media, drama and sports facilities not possible on the current site.

The council said that the consultation on the plans demonstrated overall support for the proposals, with officers from Education Scotland concluding that the blueprint has ‘clear educational benefits’ and the potential to provide a ‘high-quality learning environment’.

Should the proposal be approved next week, the council said that its officers would start work on the next stages of the work. The local authority estimates any new school wouldn’t be complete until at least 2025.

Councillor Jim Paterson, convener of the education and children’s services policy board, said, “It is a big priority for us to make sure all our pupils are learning in the best possible setting.

“The current Paisley Grammar building has served the town well for generations but is now outdated. We have had to look at other ways to provide the type of modern accommodation and facilities which will give pupils the best chance to reach their potential.

“I would like to thank everyone who took part in the public consultation last year and can assure you all views expressed have been taken into account. It will be for councillors to carefully consider all those comments and make a decision on whether to approve the proposals.”