Aberdeen FC ‘open’ to exploring potential new site for stadium

Michael715, Shutterstock

ABERDEEN Football Club has said that it is open to building its new stadium away from the previously agreed Kingsford site.

It comes as Aberdeen City Council said that there is a ‘real focus’ on the football club in its upcoming beach masterplan, which will look to make the waterfront a ‘gateway’ for tourism in the city. However, the plan is still in its early stages and has yet to be agreed upon.

Pittodrie Stadium, the club’s current home, is at the beachfront. In 2018, Aberdeen FC received planning permission for the build of a new £50 million stadium in Kingswell – some six miles from their existing ground.

However, in a Tweet today (January 27), Dave Cormack, chairman of Aberdeen Football Club, said, “Should the positive news that the regeneration of the beachfront, as part of a refreshed city centre masterplan, be approved & progressed, the club is open to exploring this potential new site, but everyone involved recognises it’s still VERY early days…”