£2.8m plans launched to safeguard historic building designed by Rennie Mackintosh


GLASGOW City Council has discussed plans to safeguard the historic Scotland Street School building.

Designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh, the building currently houses the Scotland Street School Museum which showcases the history of education in the country.

Plans were discussed for the launch of £2.8 million worth of works to create a nursery within the building and also to future-proof the structure.

A recent fire safety report on the building recommends works to the building to create greater protection to the fabric. The council added that a number of surveys are underway which cover the external and internal fabric and also to identify a body of work which is required to safeguard the future of the structure.

Plans for a new early years facility in the building’s ground floor could come alongside the creation of a digital learning hub for education being stationed in the old school. A council report read: “Re-introducing an education provision in the form of early years’ accommodation will signal a return of the building to a new form of its original use. Re-thinking the use of the building offers new ways of interpreting the architecture and history of the building, while retaining its important role in the city in terms of cultural tourism and its unique Charles Rennie Mackintosh focus. It will also allow the important function of delivering schools workshops by Glasgow Museums’ staff to the children of the city to be maintained.”

Further to this would be the creation of an outdoor exhibit. Plans show that it would be located at the old playground, with it being a ‘self-led’ experience focusing on the Mackintosh architecture and stories of the old school.

The report concluded, “The proposed development of the Scotland Street School Museum allows the building to be reinstated for its original purpose of delivering education, whilst retaining the much valued museum experience. In addition, the development of the outdoor experience allows the public to continue to enjoy the beautiful exterior while the proposed weekend access would allow planned visits for the public to enjoy the splendour of the interior.

“Once complete the new provision at the Scotland Street School Museum would demonstrate that important buildings can be used for multiple purposes and provide great experiences for a range of users and visitors. It would provide a unique atmosphere for young people to thrive in while continuing to allow visitors access to this architectural masterpiece through enhanced interpretation.”