Developers could receive district heating system guidance for Dundee projects

NEW guidance for developers on connecting to or creating district heating systems in Dundee could be adopted by the city’s council.

Following a consultation on the draft proposals, Dundee City Council councillors are being asked to approve the new direction.

Dundee has a long history of using district heating systems, with the Logie estate having one of the city’s first systems almost 100 years ago and more recently at the Dallfield multis – which sees hot water pumped to flats on all 14 floors from the central boilers.

Mark Flynn, convener of the council’s city development committee, said, “Creating this new guidance forms part of the council’s on-going commitment to delivering our ambitious targets for making the city more sustainable. Policies like this help progress Dundee’s contribution to tackling climate change by working towards a net-zero future for the city.”

Will Dawson, convener of the council’s planning committee, added, “This new district heating systems policy puts the issue front and centre and makes going through the checklist a material consideration when we are deciding on planning applications for future developments.”