Council launches project to improve people’s impression of Dumbarton

WEST Dumbartonshire Council has launched plans to connect key locations in Dumbarton to improve people’s impression of the town.

The local authority has opened a consultation to get the feedback of residents and visitors on the designs for the project which focuses on improving the active travel links between Dumbarton Central Rail Station and the town centre.

Work is proposed to initially focus on College Street to provide a pedestrian and cycle route running between the train station, Risk Street and St Mary’s Way to the rear of the Artizan Shopping Centre.

The council said further phases of the project include improvements to the underpass linking Bankend Road and Station Road as well as enhancements to Station Road itself. The project will also aim to create quality space which opens up a gateway that is welcoming to both residents and visitors.

Councillor Iain McLaren, convener of infrastructure, regeneration and economic development, said, “The aim of these proposals is to improve people’s impression of Dumbarton when they arrive at the station after a train journey, walk or cycle and make it easy for them to orientate themselves and identify the route to the places which they want to get to.

“I would urge all residents and visitors to the area to take part in this consultation and give their feedback on the designs.”

Councillor Marie McNair, vice convener of infrastructure, regeneration and economic development, added, “This project has its origins in charrettes and earlier consultations where the community identified the need for action to improve links between the train station and town centre, as well as to enhance the look of the area. It is extremely important to get their views on the designs before the project moves forward, so they can help us shape the work being done in their community.”

Those wishing to provide feedback on the plans can do so by clicking here.