Council calls for Scottish Government to ‘urgently’ review local authority funding

Midlothian Council headquarters (Image: Google)

MIDLOTHIAN Council is pressing the Scottish Government to ‘urgently’ reconsider the way in which provides funding for local councils.

As the fastest growing area in Scotland, the local authority has argued that it has been left at a ‘major’ disadvantage compared to other councils, due to the way funds are allocated failing to keep pace with population changes.

By 2028, the council expects Midlothian’s population to increase by 13.8%, compared to 1.8% for Scotland as a whole. It added that a ‘significant’ rise in child population is also expected over the next 25 years, resulting in the need for the build of more schools, school extensions and other services and facilities for young people and families.

Midlothian Council leader, councillor Derek Milligan, commented, “The current funding formula is clearly unfair, both in the way it is administered and in the adverse impact it is having on our area. The Scottish Government needs to urgently look at changing the way local government support is allocated, taking full account of population growth and the pressures we face in planning and providing local services.

“The Scottish Government already recognises that growth in the Edinburgh City Region – which includes Midlothian – is critical to the economic wellbeing and planned growth of the Scottish economy as a whole.

“However for this to succeed, we need funding for services and infrastructure which matches the level of population growth we are experiencing here.”