Proposals could see 500 homes built a year in Highlands

Inverness, Highlands

THE Highland Council has approved a draft strategic housing plan for 2021-2026 that sets out key housing investment priorities.

The plan, which will be submitted to the Scottish Government for their approval, lays out proposals for the build of up to 500 new homes each year – of which, 70% will be for affordable rent and 30% for intermediate affordable housing.

Chair of the committee, councillor Trish Robertson, said, “Our investment in housing is helping to support jobs in the building industry and also providing people and families with access to good quality, affordable homes where they can be safe and warm. I am pleased that the committee have approved this draft strategic plan as we need a clear and workable way to see our ambitions turn into reality over the next five years.

“Housing is and will remain a priority for the council. The plan lays out our go-getting goal and I am confident that over the next five years we will reach the target thanks to the effective and productive partnership approach we have developed with the Scottish Government, housing associations and the private sector.

“In our wider enabling role, we will continue to work to bringing forward sites we own for re-development and work with the private sector to unlock the constraints for other strategic sites throughout the Highlands, using or own landbank fund, the Scottish Government infrastructure loan fund and any other funding opportunities that become available.”