New £2.9m recycling centre replaces ‘past its sell-by date’ facility

WORK has been completed on the build of a new £2.9 million waste handling and sorting facility at a recycling hub in Elgin.

Moray Council said that the new addition at the Moycroft centre means that it will process 100% of the constituency’s waste by 2023.

The project was undertaken by CHAP Group, with the firm first beginning work in 2019. The development will allow for an improved waste handling capacity, improved office and rest facilities for the waste staff, and enhanced processing facilities.

Moray Council’s waste manager, Mike Neary, said, “This central facility will help us streamline our waste processing, in turn improving the service we offer our residents and trade customers.

“Importantly it futureproofs vital waste operations in Moray, so we can fully service our residents’ excellent recycling efforts, and ensures our compliance with the upcoming legislation regarding sending waste to landfill.”

Leader of Moray Council, and chair of its economic growth, housing and environmental sustainability committee, councillor Graham Leadbitter, said, “The re-opening of our newly-upgraded waste facility at Moycroft means that operations from three separate locations have now been brought together, which will make for a more efficient waste management service, as well as providing a long-term saving to the council.

“Waste management is constantly evolving with a massively-increased amount of recycling in recent years, placing Moray in the top three recycling authorities in Scotland. A landfill ban is due to come in over the coming years, as well as the opening of a new energy from waste facility in Aberdeen that will take non-recyclable waste from Moray, Aberdeenshire and Aberdeen City councils. This investment makes sure that our waste service has the right tools for the job as we go forward.

“The old Moycroft facility was really past its sell-by date and the facilities for our waste crews and those working on the site were pretty poor. It’s important that we value our staff and provide facilities that are fit for purpose, as well as the core aim of upgrading the waste processing set-up, and I am pleased that the development of this upgraded facility has provided that opportunity.”