Stronger together: sector must embrace teamwork

Alan Wilson

A number of leading members of Scotland’s Construction Industry Coronavirus Forum (CICV) have told Project Scotland about the power of collaboration as the industry continues its recovery from the impact caused by the pandemic.

The CICV Forum brings together representatives from 25 construction trade and professional associations. There are 50 sub-group members and more than 100 individuals in the Forum. By pooling expertise and knowledge, the organisation believes it represents the interests of Scotland’s diverse construction supply chain with one consistent voice. Forum priorities include lobbying the Scottish Government to influence policy and push for positive action, and to give expert focus to important issues. 

Alan Wilson, SELECT MD and CICV Forum chair, said, “When the CICV Forum was established just six months ago there were three key words which resonated then and which are still central to all our work now – Collaboration, Commitment and Co-operation. 

“On every piece of work we have undertaken and at all the meetings we hold these words have been embedded into all of our efforts and whilst it seems straightforward and sensible it has taken a pandemic to get the industry to think and work in this way.

“The level of collaboration has been amazing and it just goes to show that when we do all come together we can make real change for the better for everyone in our sector and I am determined to work with colleagues to keep this level of collaboration going.”

Consultant Len Bunton, co-chair of the Pipeline and Commercial Group, commented, “There is no doubt that the level of cross-industry communication is excellent as organisations work together more openly to find solutions to the industry problems of procurement, payment and cash flow issues.

“The future of our industry in Scotland will rely on collaboration to survive.”

Becky Crosland, BESA health and safety adviser and co-chair of the Forum’s Skills and Workforce Group, added, “Since the start of the Covid-19 the pandemic, it is clear there has been great collaboration by the various organisations within the construction industry to provide effective and straightforward health and safety guidance. Drawing on the expertise of each organisation the health and safety sub group has been able to produce clear guidance and support to aid in the safe restart of the construction industry.”

Fiona Hodgson, CEO at SNIPEF and co-Chair of the Supply Chain Resilience and Capability Group, said, “The spirit of collaboration is still strong and the focus on supporting the industry and making changes is more important than ever. The joint effort of the Forum has added value to the advice given to both the Scottish Government and the public. 

“Moving to fortnightly meetings instead of weekly has allowed members more time to focus on their own businesses and therefore bringing new discussion topics to the forum in return. Working with others has been a positive experience and one we hope continues.”