New CICV Forum animation delivers travel guidance for construction workers

THE Construction Industry Coronavirus (CICV) Forum has released its latest Covid-19 animations – this time offering advice on how workers should travel to and from work safely.

The guidance outlines a range of measures that contractors can follow. Featuring male and female characters, the animation reminds workers to travel alone if possible, to open windows and turn off air conditioning systems and to clean all touchable surfaces in cars or vans. If workers must share, it instructs them to wear a face covering and sit apart, and emphasises the importance of sharing with the same people on all journeys.

The animation also gives guidance on using public transport safely, including reminders to avoid rush hour, observe physical distancing, carry hand sanitiser and use contactless payments where possible.

Rebecca Crosland, health and safety adviser at the Building Engineering Services Association and chair of the forum’s health and safety sub-group, said, “As the pandemic continues to affect us all, a number of contractors and operatives have requested additional clarification on travelling to and from work. This new messaging is designed to outline the dos and don’ts of commuting clearly and concisely, setting out the measures that we all must take to keep ourselves and others safe when we’re on the move.

“This new campaign continues to emphasise the forum’s message that we’re all #RebuildingTogether and that everyone must take personal responsibility to help protect themselves, their colleagues and the wider community. People not following this advice aren’t just putting themselves in danger – they’re also threatening the safety of their workmates, their customers and loved ones of all ages.”

The animation is hosted on the forum’s website and YouTube channel and, like previous information films, is also designed to be shared widely on social media.

Iain Mason, director of membership and communications at SELECT and chair of the forum’s communications sub-group, added, “Since the start of the CICV Forum, our animations have proved very popular and have been an extremely effective tool, helping us to deliver vital messaging to as wide an audience as possible. This new animation continues our focus on co-operation and collaboration to help get us through the next weeks and months. In everything we do, we will continue to remind everyone in the industry that they have an important part to play in Scotland’s recovery.”