Early career professionals sought for Future Leaders’ Forum

Image credit: Ameer Basheer on Unsplash

CONSTRUCTION Scotland Innovation Centre (CSIC) is looking for early career professionals and students with ‘drive, ambition and determination’ to join a new Built Environment Future Leaders’ Forum.

This initiative will promote the development of new skills, competencies and opportunities in the construction sector to inspire the future workforce.

The Forum will be a group of up to 12 people aged 16-30 who are studying or training in a built environment subject or field, or those already on a career path in the sector.

Lisa Deane, lead future skills manager at CSIC, explained, “There is both a skills shortage in the sector and there are new types of skills needed with changing ways of delivering our built environment. The Built Environment Future Leaders’ Forum is a way to ensure we understand how to attract and support the development of existing and new skills in the sector, and how we optimise routes of entry into the industry for them.

“This is a really exciting opportunity for those in their early careers, who are passionate about the built environment with an interest in better and innovative ways to shape our built world. It’s a chance to be an influencer and ambassador in your field in a way that hasn’t been possible before – the sector needs your input.”

For more information about applying to be a member of the Built Environment Future Leaders’ Forum, or chair or co-chair of the group, take a look at the application pack https://www.cs-ic.org/library/future-leaders-forum-application-pack/