TRAD UK widens offer on scaffolding products

TRAD UK, the new brand for the combined TRAD Hire & Sales and TRAD Safety Systems companies, has announced the business is now able to offer a full suite of products for sale or hire across the UK.

Bringing all its proprietary systems together, TRAD UK revealed it can now support scaffolding contractors supplying to the developer market to provide a ‘one-stop-shop’ service.

By sourcing all the key scaffolding components from one company, TRAD said contractors can ‘significantly reduce’ the time it takes to erect and dismantle scaffolding, helping housebuilders to keep large projects on track.

In particular, the sector can gain immediate access to PLETTAC METRIX and the TRAD SAFETYDECK. Designed to make scaffolding erection safer and quicker, PLETTAC METRIX is described as a proprietary modular rosette scaffolding system that, since launch six years ago, has been used on a wide range of residential and commercial construction projects.

TRAD UK explained that the system is ‘up to 50% faster’ to erect than standard scaffolding and can be used on all building types. Components are colour-coded to aid identification of size and, with an allowable safe working load of 6.0 kN/m², the galvanised steel decks which form the platforms of the system are hooked directly onto the tubular support, and come complete with integral handles, wind-locking components and anti-tilting devices for extra safety.

TRAD SAFETYDECK, meanwhile, is a proprietary fall prevention and working platform system which is already in use with housebuilding and scaffolding contractors. Able to take a load of up to 2.0 kN/m², it is described as a ‘flexible and sustainable’ option that TRAD said can be ‘6 to 8 times’ faster to install than traditional scaffolding birdcages and can be adapted to different room sizes. The elastic nature of the manufacturing material can further help to prevent injuries from falls.

Other TRAD UK products include TRADHATCH and the TRAD internal staircase, as well as the Mini Catch Fan, said to be ‘ideal’ for urban development projects.

“The fact that these products are now available for hire or sale from a single company is great news for the housebuilding market,” said Alan Slater, head of technical and product support at TRAD UK. “We have a fantastic team of product and technical experts across all our depots who can offer bespoke options, dedicated installation training and more, to help scaffolding contractors offer the best possible services to their customers.

“Our aim is to produce inherently safe systems that keep costs down and make life on site easier, and we will continue to promote and develop our products alongside the industry to make sure we are always supplying the best.”