SPF calls for flexibility in planning policies and regulations

Robin Blacklock

THE Scottish Property Federation (SPF) has given its views on the Scottish Government’s response to the Advisory Group on Economic Recovery report. SPF chair Robin Blacklock said the focus on reforming national planning policies as part of the economic recovery strategy ‘is welcome and promises to unlock much needed economic development across Scotland’.

He added, “The economic emergency triggered by the pandemic has increased many of the pressures previously faced by our town and city centres. If we are to revitalise our local economies in a sustainable way, we will have to repurpose our built environment. This will require flexibility in terms of planning policies and regulations.

“Our research shows that for every £100 million of new demand for commercial property, the sector creates an additional £73 million for the wider Scottish economy. With this far-reaching impact, the sector has a pivotal role to play in supporting recovery across the length and breadth of Scotland in existing and new projects.

“To make these aspirations a reality we must invest in physical infrastructure and in the necessary planning and building services.”