Queensferry Crossing to undergo load testing

THE Queensferry Crossing will partially close overnight this weekend (August 15) to allow for the final calibration of structural health monitoring sensors on the bridge.

Transport Scotland confirmed that traffic management will be put in place during the works which will see one carriageway of Queensferry Crossing traffic at a time diverted over the Forth Road Bridge.

The northbound carriageway closure will take place between 22:00 on Saturday August 15 and 02:00 on Sunday August 16. The southbound closure will follow after that and all traffic management will be removed by 06:00 on Sunday August 16.

Forth Crossing Bridge Constructors (FCBC) will undertake the work, with Transport Scotland saying it is one of the last remaining site activities the firm has to carry out.

A Transport Scotland spokesperson said, “This test will see a number trucks of known weight driven over the Queensferry Crossing in both directions.  Data recorded by the sensors from this exercise will allow us to implement final calibrations to this equipment where necessary. In order for this testing to be carried out we’ll have to restrict traffic on one carriageway at a time.

“Discussions between Transport Scotland, FCBC and the Trunk Road Operating Company have concluded that the simplest option with least disruption to road users is to use the Forth Road Bridge as a diversion route. As this work is being undertaken over a single night, we don’t anticipate that it will cause any congestion problems.”