Over three quarters of Scots oil and gas workers considering retraining

MORE than three quarters of Scots oil and gas workers are considering retraining to join the renewable energy industry, Scottish Renewables has said.

The claim comes following a survey conducted by the industry body, which also showed that 80% of Scottish oil and gas workers have considered their career’s future.

Scottish Renewables said that an increase in electric vehicles and low-carbon heating, coupled with moves to slash plastic use will further reduce the need for oil and gas – with the sector also hit by a Covid-19 demand cut.

Scottish Renewables chief executive, Claire Mack, said, “Our industry provides enormous opportunity for those working in oil and gas who may be facing redundancy and unemployment. These professionals possess a high level of skills and expertise which, with the right support from government to create a clear pipeline of projects to meet our climate change targets, can be utilised to help develop and grow the renewable energy workforce we will need.”

The new figures have been released as Scottish Renewables calls for the Scottish Government to set up a renewables transition training fund to ensure training is provided specifically to target careers in renewable energy as the country works towards its net-zero ambitions.

Claire Mack continued, “Demand for the renewable energy skills which have been developed in Scotland is increasing across the globe as many countries pledge a green recovery from the coronavirus pandemic. This training fund would support oil and gas professionals, supply chain businesses, tradesmen and public servants to acquire sustainable, exportable skills and join our industry.

“Scotland’s renewable energy sector will play a crucial role in the country’s green recovery, providing employment and investment opportunities and improving health while reducing carbon emissions as we continue our fight against climate change.”