Door entry tech plays key role in virus fight

WISHAW-based manufacturer and fabrication business, Autodoor Projects UK, has introduced three new systems to help businesses change the way they approach entry, access and hygiene in the wake of the Covid-19 crisis.

The firm, which specialises in aluminium shopfronts doors and windows, has launched touchless and thermal imaging technology along with a new people counting system which monitors the number of individuals entering and exiting a building or room. 

Described as a UK first, the Q Guardian People Counting System assists in limiting the number of people deemed safe in a room or building at any one time. The system uses a capacity measure, set by the owner. When the number of occupants has reached a set level, a light will indicate red and a voice command will alert the user that the maximum capacity has been reached. 

As people then exit, the light system will display green to indicate a safe capacity. Should the occupancy of a room or building be exceeded, an audible alarm will sound.

Thomas McAvoy, director at Autodoor Projects UK said, “As the fight against the spread of infection continues, it has never been more important to protect staff, visitors and customers when accessing a business, shop, store or facility. Q Guardian has been designed to allow businesses to take control of their premises while alleviating the need to employ extra staff members to monitor access. The system is extremely simple to use and install, causing minimum disruption to the existing manual or automated swing doors.”

As well as Q Guardian, thermal and face recognition and hygienic touchless technology has also been a key focus for the business.

TC20 Thermal and Face Recognition can detect unusually high outer skin temperatures within 0.3°C. Using non-contact automatic body temperature detection, thermal cameras – which can be paired with automatic doors, speed barriers, access controlled doors or can be used standalone – will alert the user if the person entering has a high temperature.

The TC20 can also be set to automatically identify masked and unmasked personnel. 

The NT20 Hygienic Touchless Activation is used to activate automatic doors by substituting almost all existing push pad activations with direct fixing replacement. 

Autodoor Projects said the touchless wave sensor is the ‘simplest and most economic’ way to introduce ‘no touch’ activation which operates using infrared activation technology.

Thomas McAvoy added, “As the UK begins to step out of lockdown, we wanted to be able to provide integrated solutions for businesses and companies which allows them to move forward while taking the necessary precautions. All three products will help towards limiting the spread of infection, we look forward bringing a suitable solution to businesses throughout the UK.”