University of St Andrews unveils revised plans for new ‘centrepiece’ accommodation

THE University of St Andrews has submitted revised plans for the build of new student accommodation at Albany Park.

The plans come as the university looks to ease pressure on the town’s housing stock, with the proposed build being able to house 748 students.

The university said that the development will be at the centrepiece of their £100 million investment in student accommodation, with the institution aiming to provide a further 1000 new bedrooms on top of the 4000 already available.

Plans were originally submitted for the build in October of 2019. The university’s design team have since altered the plans in response to feedback from consultees, members of the public and local stakeholder groups.

The changes in the proposals are as follows:

  • A reduction in the overall number of student beds proposed, from 900 in October 2019 to 748, nearly 20% reduction.
  • Reducing the scale, height and mass of buildings and on some, dropping by one floor.
  • Significant changes to the design of the buildings, introducing more pitched roof details and additional gables added, reflecting the prominent St Andrews historic architecture.
  • By reducing bed numbers more space has been given to landscaping and the creation of the historic Woodburn Square which dates back some hundred years since first formed.

Ben Stuart, the university’s director of residential and business services, said, “The development at Albany Park is central to the University’s strategy to provide more student accommodation for our students and ease the pressure on the housing stock in St Andrews. The new Albany Park will provide around 750 high-quality student beds in an attractive landscaped environment and has the potential to revitalise the eastern area of St Andrews.”

St Andrews student association president Dan Marshall added, “Any increase in the provision of affordable purpose-built student accommodation is good for students and is good for St Andrews as a whole. I look forward to working with the University to make sure that this new accommodation meets student needs when it comes to affordability and helps relieve pressure on the St Andrews housing market.”