Finning completes switch to 100% renewables

FINNING has announced it has made the switch to 100% renewable electricity across all its UK and Irish operations.

The Caterpillar dealer revealed the commitment to procure green electricity is part of the company’s strategy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Finning eliminated all electricity-related greenhouse gas emissions after signing an agreement to procure Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origin (REGO) electricity. REGO is certified by Ofgem, which guarantees the electricity purchased comes from renewable sources, such as solar or wind power.

Finning has also reduced CO2 emissions of electricity by 30% by installing LED lights, which the company said is projected to reduce electricity usage by a further 50% once the installation of new lighting is fully complete.

The global Finning group, recently published its sustainability report, which shows how the company is working on cutting down greenhouse gas emissions and reducing the impact of its operations on the environment.This includes installing sensors and heating control systems to reduce CO2 emissions from heating in all its buildings.

In the UK and Ireland, Finning has started to replace its fleet of service trucks with more environmentally friendly models. So far, the company has replaced 450 commercial vehicles. Petrol generators used to power ancillary equipment have also been replaced with high-power inverters to charge battery packs and avoid unnecessary engine idling.

Kevin Davies, head of procurement at Finning UK & Ireland said, “Environmental responsibility is a commitment to continuously learn, grow and evolve. It’s vital therefore that we continue to explore and implement more sustainable practices across every aspect of our business to improve both our performance and help customers with theirs. This includes adopting new technologies and raising awareness of environmentalissues among our staff and customers.”