New animation provides overview of FICA assessment

SELECT and the Scottish Joint Industry Board (SJIB) have teamed up to develop another animation – this time highlighting the Final Integrated Competence Assessment (FICA).

As testing centres prepare to reopen and apprentices across Scotland pick up their tools and books again, the two-minute film gives an overview of what the assessment entails.

From preparing a pre-FICA checklist to what to expect on the day itself, the animation helps prepare apprentices for what awaits them at the ultimate stage of the electrical training programme.

The new animation follows the success of the first SELECT and SJIB joint animation, Journey of an Electrician, which was released in April 2019.

Fiona Harper, SELECT’s director of employment and skills said, “This new animation takes candidates through the many practical steps which are necessary to approach and successfully complete the FICA and become a qualified electrician, with all the professional benefits that the qualification brings. Like our previous animation, it is easy to follow, engaging and informative, and explains the procedures clearly, giving an excellent idea of what is required of the young people who are about to undertake this tough assessment.”

The FICA is part of the SJIB’s modern apprenticeship programme, which leads to the SVQ (SCQF 7) qualification in electrical installation.

Held at three testing centres across Scotland, the two-day assessment comprises practical and complex electrical installation tasks.

Once again created by the animation team at Connect Communications, the animation will be hosted on the SELECT and SJIB websites, as well as being shown in schools, colleges and trade fairs to give would-be electricians an idea of what the assessment entails.

Fiona added, “Scotland currently face a skills challenge, with recruiting an issue in particular, so it’s crucial that we attract the best young people possible to the electrical industry. Initiatives such as this animation, which can be screened at events and conferences to explain career choices, will have a hugely beneficial effect.”